After two years of trying to create the perfect vegan gluten-free chocolate cake, we finally managed to come up with something that reminds us of the French ‘moelleux au chocolat’ (very moist chocolate cake)!  This recipe is better suited for small cupcake-sized cakes, as the consistency is very rich, soft and moist. So if you are in love with chocolate, try this recipe and let us know what you think!

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Since good vegan white chocolate is one of the most difficult things to find in shops (and it invariably disappoints, with a “fake”, candy-like taste) we decided to make our own!

Here we’re basically following Hannah Kaminsky’s white chocolate recipe, with just a couple of variations: Continue Reading »

Raspberry Tiramisu in all its glory!

This is one of our favorite “cheat” desserts, quick and easy but absolutely delicious!

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Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free ~ 350 kcals per portion (1/6th of the pie)

Today we found a beautiful recipe for Cherry Lime Pie on VeganYumYum and decided to try our own adaptation. This pie reminds me a lot of summers in Finland, my Finnish grandmother always used to make us blueberry pies! Here is our version of the recipe, we hope you like it!

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Vegan Stock

Our Vegan Stock in veggie form

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This heartwarming recipe is perfect for those cold, wintery Sundays when you crave the sun and warmth of Spring… Funny thing, today was the perfect day for it! Continue Reading »